We are HFD, Israel’s largest B2C e-commerce delivery and logistics company.

We established our company in 1995, since then are offering a range of exclusive, unique technological solutions, which we have developed to provide you and your customers an optimized solution, a service experience for the entire supply chain, combined with a first class service experience in this field.

As the company developed and began to focus on delivery solutions for e-commerce websites, we understood that our function as the last link of the supply chain was the most sensitive and critical point for end customer satisfaction: a customer who has a good service experience and enjoys fast and reliable service is likely to place repeat purchases with the website.

We are here to maximize the customer’s experience by regularly developing technology solutions that allows for a rapid process and full transparency that lets you track each point in the delivery process – so that you can have the confidence that your products are always in good hands.

In addition to the technological advantage, we make an effort to provide the end customer a good service experience from the moment of purchase until receiving the delivery at home.


We are a delivery outlet for you to choose from

Our company supports a range of delivery services that is suitable for different customer styles, meaning that you easily offer, without effort, a range of services without any need to connect to a number of different companies

Everything’s here: all vatrity of services – home delivery, pickup points and lockers.

How does it work?

We constantly listen out and review our delivery processes, in order to stay familiar with the challenges that our customers face. We have also gained great experience and knowledge in the field in the last 20 years. These all make our technology systems the most advanced ones in the Israeli market.

All of this is to ensure that you can have peace of mind knowing that your customer will always be satisfied.

Our innovation and technologies are suitable for the needs of your end customers and are a perfect match for website owners and people who want to be at the forefront of technology.

By tracking and receiving a status throughout the way and in all delivery channels:

next day, automatic lockers, pick up points, same day etc.

and our EBOX returns service

our advanced system permits:

  1. Automatically scheduling the arrival time (ETA) with end customers
  2. Tracking of the parcel throughout the delivery process
  3. Interfacing with your back office system (API), aiming that you do not have to enter data twice into different systems:

    Everything that you need may be found in our system.

  4. Getting convenient, simple to understand statistics and reports that are generated by business intelligence (BI), to help you understand and analyze the status of deliveries at any given time.

Yes, all delivery, through all modes of delivery, in a single place.

   We offer a large number of couriers, diverse vehicle fleets, sorting centers and pick up points with nationwide reach, providing a broad spectrum of delivery options and allowing us to provide a quick solution to different needs, from north to south and without exception:

From pick seasons at busy congestion levels owing to sales / holidays and events in the market to receiving goods without quantity restrictions, without compromising the schedules or the service level that we have committed to.

We at HFD undertake to be here always, to innovate,

make things more efficient and promise you the peace of mind and confidence that you need,

so that you can be certain that you will provide

your customers the best possible service- on time.

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