Pick up points

So where do we drive to? Wherever your customers ask! Our delivery services operate nationwide – from the country’s north to it’s south. We at HFD serve as your link with your customers.  We believe that the customer’s service experience is sharped throughout the ordering stages. For this reason, we invest the utmost in resources to provide your customers the best and most pleasant experience. How do we do it?

First, we offer about 1000 pick up points and lockers  as shown on the map here. Here you can enter a destination address and see the closest pick up points and lockers.  It is important to emphasize that our pick up points belong to the subsidiary E-post. Second, a customer chooses the pick up points suiting him and when the package arrives at the pick up points, he will get a text message inviting him to come to pick up  the parcel. Further details on the pick up points service may be found on the website: www.e-post.co.il

Our experience shows that websites that have adopted our pick up points solution reduce their delivery costs by 30%, increasing their customers’ satisfaction in the process.

Before you send additional packages by yourselves, wait a moment! We at HFD will be happy to do it for you and on your behalf.


בשל המצב הבטחוני המורכב חברתנו תעבוד במתכונת מצומצמת בהעמסות והפצות בהתאם להנחיות פיקוד העורף.

מכיוון שנהגינו אינם צמודים למרחב המוגן נעשה ככל שביכלתנו לספק את השירות המיטבי.

חברתנו מרכינה ראש ומשתתפת בצער המשפחות שנפגעו באסון הנורא הזה.
ומאחלת לכל המגוייסים לחזור הביתה בשלום ובמהרה.