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When you run an online store, deliveries are an important, integral part of the service experience that you provide. Deliveries may strongly affect the buying experience, and there are diverse delivery solutions that will offer you an advantage over your competitors, such as same day or next day delivery. Also, it is worth choosing to work with a deliveries and logistics company that will provide you advanced, exclusive and unique solutions and services.

Specialized delivery service for websites

For it is well known that customers who get a good buying experience will become repeat customers. For shopping from webstores, the delivery is important because it is the place where your brand meets the end customer. This makes it very important to make sure that you choose the right delivery company. We at HFD make every effort to maximize the buying experience by using advanced, high quality solutions that make the delivery much faster and your customers more satisfied. And when customers are satisfied, you will be too.

Why is it worth choosing HFD as your preferred E-commerce shipping company?

We invite you to enjoy an advanced delivery experience and a wide range of delivery solutions specifically tailored to E-commerce sites:

  • Full national coverage – we distribute nationwide to all Israeli cities and locations. There is no doubt that we have one of the largests delivery networks and capabilities in this sector.
  • Fast delivery times – most shipments are delivered on the next day, which offers a significant advantage for any webstore seeking differentiation.
  • Service and support – a range of options for interfacing with the leading platforms alongside professional, readily available customer service and support make HFD the perfect solution for webstores.
  • One stop shop – for all types of delivery solutions  – delivery options that are available to the company’s customers are:
    • Door to door courier
    • Deliveries to automatic lockers
    • Deliveries to pick up points
  • Extra fast delivery service – the parcel reaches the customer’s home within just three days.

Every E-commerce website has to think about its delivery network, because deliveries are the nature of the service and are what will make the shopping experience successful.  If you want your customers to get a good experience that will make them want to return to your online store, you must choose the right delivery company. Here we enter the picture, with a wide range of advanced logistic solutions that will make your forwarding process fast, technological and with an excellent end customer solution experience.

HFD is Israel’s largest delivery and logistics company, owing to advanced services in the field and a wide range of solutions for online stores, at a single site! Talk to us, we will be happy to provide you the perfect solution for your unique delivery needs.

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