Next day deliveries

Next day deliveries – order today and get the service on the next business day!

Nationwide delivery service – order today and the parcel will arrive at its destination the next day, by the end of the business day.

HFD Deliveries and Logistics distributes your product nationwide with next day delivery.

You can track and analyze the delivery data on our company’s unique BI system, which offers a clear graphic display of all of your parcels that have been picked up and delivered by  the next day.

Additional advantages of next day delivery services to the customer:

Delivering shipments in a short time and at discounted costs nationwide

Scanning of signed delivery reference notes issued by the customer. Making them available to the customer  on his website at any time before the original note arrives back at the customer’s site.

Cash on Delivery (COD) –  HFD can collect the money for the goods during the delivery under the customers request and terms

Ordering door to door deliveries

How to order a next day delivery?   Our call during working hours. We will be happy to serve you at any time. Just contact us by calling Tel. 1-700-70-46-45 or using the contact form in our website, and we will pick up and deliver your parcels efficiently and responsibly!

How much does a next day delivery cost?

The cost of the service is specific and varies with the number and scale of deliveries.

We invite you to call our call center and get an attractive price quotation that matches your needs. It is our commitment that customers who combine the delivery channels that we offer (home delivery and pick up points / locker points) as a delivery option on their website will reduce their delivery costs by at least 30%.

Interested in upgrading your delivery service? Talk to us

It is not by chance that we have become Israel’s B2C E-commerce largest delivery and logistics company. The responsibility of the delivery company that meets the end customer is critical. It is very important to continue the service experience that the end customer gets on your website into the delivery process too, so we must provide you the best and most advanced solutions. To do so, we constantly work on developing technology solutions that make the delivery faster and the service more advanced and of higher quality. The entire delivery process may be tracked, at any time, from the time the shipment leaves the store’s warehouse until it reaches the end customer.

The experience that we have accrued over many years and advanced technology allow us to offer you and your customers the best technological delivery solutions!

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