Nationwide parcel delivery service

Some customers will ask for same day delivery,

others will want a door to door courier

and maybe others will prefer to pick up the delivery

by themselves from a pick-up point.

HFD is a one stop shop for all delivery options for e-commerce websites, Your customer has a full range of delivery options, while you have peace of mind.

Services that will make your customer smile:

משלוחים לחנויות אונליין
משלוחים לאתרי אינטרנט

Home delivery – after pickup from the retailer, HFD  transfer the goods to the nearest sorting hub and the parcels will go out for delivery on the following morning.

Throughout the delivery process, the end customer gets updates on the package’s location by text messages. The customer can track the courier’s location using a tracking link sent to him once the courier is on the way.

משלוחים מהיום למחר
משלוחים מהיום למחר

One of Our flagship service enables delivering shipments within one business day. We collect shipments each day by noon and after sorting distribute them immediately to their destinations. Once the package has been entered into the system, the customer will receive a text message containing a constantly updated link to the parcel’s location and status, and he can also track the courier’s location using a tracking link.

e-post נקודות חלוקה


The end customer picks up the parcel from hundreds of automatic lockers and pickup points spread nationwide without having to wait for the courier at home. At the time of ordering, the customer chooses the pickup point from a list of pick up points near his home or workplace. The customer can track all delivery s online, and if necessary can contact us for any question or request through our multi-channel customer service interface – by email or online chat with one of our skilled agents.



The perfect solution for the most painful aspect of online sales: returned goods.

One of the barriers that customers face when making online purchases is the suitability of products to their needs and being of the correct size or need, followed by concern over the effort and money involved by the procedure of returning them. We allow website customers to make purchases, and if needed return the parcel to automatic return boxes that are installed nationwide in a very easy and simple procedure

These boxes allow customers to change their minds / change orders without having to queue up and without having to prepare anything in advance except for the parcel.

The customer chooses the location for returning the parcel and gets a QR code by text message. Once he arrives to the E-box location , the customer scans the barcode, the box prints a label containing the shipment information, which the customer sticks on the parcel before putting it inside the box.

After the parcel is put into the box, the customer gets an SMS with tracking link and he can can track the parcel’s location until the product is returned to the shipper

B2C delivery service in Israel

In order to ensure deliveries to any point in the country, delivery company must maintain a large fleet of vehicles nationwide.

There are many delivery companies currently operating in the market, but not all of them are able to provide delivery services anywhere in the country.

Our couriers perform tens of thousands of deliveries nationwide each day. Deliveries in and from Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be’er Sheva and other cities around the country.

We provide delivery services nationwide.

You can order next day delivery services to any point in the country.

What is important to check when you choose a delivery company?

When ordering a delivery in Israel, it is important to choose a suitable delivery company.

As mentioned, not every delivery company is logistically capable of providing all variety of services nationwide.

Also, customers should review their delivery times options. When you order deliveries in Israel, you have to ask specifically what the delivery times will be.

On the shipment journey you need to ensure it is held, stored and insured in proper place and reliable hands

Providing delivery services nationwide requires a large logistics warehouse, technological capability, an automatic sorting machine and of course a multichannel customer service providing online answers to our customers

Therefore, it is worthwhile choosing a delivery company that has the logistic ability to provide the service.

Fast delivery service nationwide, anytime, anywhere

We provide nationwide delivery services for our business customers and private customers.

We have years of experience in the field and we will be happy to provide you a delivery service that matches your requirements.

Our customers have multiple websites that sell products to end customers nationwide.

In the delivery field, service speed, efficiency, precision and reliability are of utmost importance.

If you have a website too, we will be happy to offer you an efficient, fast delivery solutions and for your customers too.

When the delivery options are flexible,

the buying conversion rate increases

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